Items AC-WRP
Input Voltage 110/220Vac 50/60Hz Single Phase
Output Ports 8 Ports
Local Switch 75A Main Circuit Protecter Lamp Alarm
Max. Input Current 60A
Max. Output Current / 1 Port Max. 10A
출력로컬스위치 15A LAMP가 포함된 시소스위치
원격출력스위치 80A Power MOSFET 평상시 ON
냉각방식 자연 냉각
RS232 통신포트#1 RJ11, WRP to WRP, 데이터 보관용
RS232 통신포트#2 RJ15, WRP to RAS, 원격 제어용
Cubicle 19inch / 1RU / Rack Mouting
Environment Temperature -20 ~ 80℃
Humidity 10 ~ 95%
  • AC-WRP Front
  • AC-WRP Rear
  • AC-WRP Side_L
  • AC-WRP Side_R
  • AC-WRP Upper